NEBC Monthly Tournament Format


The club meets monthly at 12 noon on a Saturday or Sunday. See schedule for dates/times.

Entry fees for regular tournaments are: $60 for Open, $30 for Advanced.

Entry fees for the 'Bonus Point' events are $100 for Open, $50 for Advanced.


We meet at Frank's Steakhouse, located at 2310 Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Membership is now free! Membership includes a subscription to the club newsletter Anchors.


We play a consolation-style tournament which means everyone gets randomly placed in the main tournament bracket, and if they lose before reaching the money rounds, they get placed in a consolation tournament bracket. That way everyone plays at least two matches. Match lengths range from 7 points to 13 points in the main tournament and 5 or 7 in the consolation tournament. Though we play longer matches in November and May.

Skill Brackets

The club features two levels of play in tournaments: Open and Advanced.

Open is the strongest bracket. Players in this bracket range from strong intermediate to world class.

Advanced is the intermediate and novice bracket, appropriate for all other skill levels.

The two brackets are combined into one tournament when there is not enough interest in the open bracket. Advanced players can still enter for the lower entry fee, though they receive proportionally less prize money should they cash in the tournament.


Anchors is the newsletter of the New England Backgammon Club. It is sent out by email monthly, except during the summer. It contains information on local backgammon news, as well as various backgammon related articles.

A Subscription is free.

		   Albert Steg 
		   (617) 417-6743