NEBC Monthly Tournament Format


The club meets monthly at 11:30am on a Sunday. See schedule for dates/times.

Entry to the tournament will close at 11:45am so please be prompt.


We meet at Frank's Steakhouse, located at 2310 Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Entry Fees

Entry fees for regular tournaments are: $60 for Open, $30 for Intermediate.

Entry fees for the two 'Bonus Point' events are $100 for Open, $50 for Intermediate.

85% of Open and 80% of Intermediate entry fees are returned in cash prizes for the current event. The remaining funds are applied to the year-end prize pool and for tipping the restaurant staff.


Participation in NEBC events is open, and "membership" in the club is simply a matter of providing your email address to the club organizers so you will receive updates on club activities. You can also follow NEBC on Facebook to follow club activities and to post your own questions about backgammon positions, equipment, activities, etc. Finally, if you join the USBGF, we would encourage you to list NEBC as your local club.


We play a consolation-style tournament which means everyone gets randomly placed in the main tournament bracket, and if they lose before reaching the money rounds, they get placed in a consolation tournament bracket. That way everyone plays at least two matches. Match lengths range from 7 points to 13 points in the main tournament and 5 or 7 in the consolation tournament. Though we play longer matches in November and May.

Skill Brackets

The club features two levels of play in tournaments: Open and Intermediate. Open is the stronger bracket. As the name suggests, anyone may play in the Open division if they wish to compete at the strongest level. Players in this bracket generally range from strong intermediate to world class.

The Intermediate bracket is limited to players ranging from novice to intermediate in skill level. A player whose level of play or tournament history in the judgment of the tournament director has reached an expert level will not be allowed to play in this "limited" bracket.

A points race is held in each division, with points awarded throughout the year for match and tournament victories. At the end of the season, the top 7 players contend in a final playoff for Club Champion (Open Division) and Player of the Year (Intermediate Division). Points are not transferable between divisions.


The club follows the US Backgammon Tournament Rules & Policies, with one important variation:

4.8. LEGAL PLAYS. Players are obligated to immediately identify any illegal play, regardless of whom the error favors. Illegal plays must be corrected before the subsequent turn begins (a valid dice roll or an offered Cube). Otherwise, the illegal play will stand. An illegal play is corrected by returning the checkers and dice to the original position before the error was made and resuming play. Repeated offenses will result in a warning, and may be followed by disqualification.


Albert Steg
(617) 417-6743