Annual Points Race

Playoff points within each division accumulate throughout the season based on the results of the monthly tournaments. After the May tournament, he top 7 points earners in each division qualify for the Championship Playoffs, competing for the titles of Intermediate Player of the Year and, for the winner of the Open division, NEBC Club Champion.

Match Points

Each time you win a match, you are awarded a number of points equal to the length of that match. (7 points for a 7-point match, etc.) In the event your match is shortened due to time pressures, you would still be awarded the number of points specified as the original match length.

Bonus Points

Anytime you reach a “cashing” round in a tournament, you are awarded bonus points as follows:

Main Bracket
1st: 50 points
2nd: 25 points
Semi-finalists: 12 points*

Consolation Bracket
1st: 25 points
2nd: 12 points**

*In the event that fewer than 16 players enter a tournament, the semi-finalists do not cash, but are entered in the consolation bracket. In this case, these players would receive either their 12 semi-finalist points, or their 25 consolation winner points, whichever is greater.

**In the event that fewer than 14 players enter a tournament, no cash award will be given for 2nd-place Consolation, but Bonus points still accrue.

In the event that fewer than 8 players enter, Bonus points will still be awarded so long as a player wins at least one match to earn them.

Participation Points

If you show up, but don’t win any matches, you receive 2 points for participating.

Double-Bonus Events

In our November and May tournaments, Bonus Points are doubled (but with usual 12-point winners earning 25 points) and match lengths are increased in the Open division. These exciting events provide opportunities for large leaps in the standings, so the race remains competitive throughout the year.

June Attendance Points

A regular tournament will be held in June, in concert with the playoff finals in both divisions. All participants in attendance will earn¬†15 Bonus Points applied to the following season’s points race.

Playoff Format

Six of the nine monthly tournaments must be successfully completed in order to hold a Championship playoff. The top scorer in each division receives a valuable 1st-round bye. The other six players are seeded according to standing: 2nd vs. 7th; 3rd vs. 6th; 4th vs. 5th (winner meets 1st place player in the semis). NEBC will provide cash prizes for the winners, finalists and semi-finalists, commensurate with the cash accumulated by NEBC over the course of the current season.

Open Division
Rounds 1 & 2: Best 2 out of 3, 9-point matches.
Finals: Best 3 out of 5, 9-point matches.

Intermediate Division
Rounds 1 & 2: Best 2 out of 3, 7-point matches.
Finals: Best 3 out of 5, 7-point matches.

Rounds 1 & 2 are to be scheduled by participants at a time and place of mutual convenience in advance of the final tournament of our season in June, when the finals in both divisions will take place, leading to the naming of the “NEBC Club Champion” and the “Intermediate Player of the Year”.

Points Race Standings (2021 - 2022)


1Alex Zamanian420
2Marty Storer334
3Paul A. Caracciolo275
4Emir Kapanci218
5Michael Kay185
6Brad Mampe172
7Duncan Noyes168
8Dougie Roberts148
9David Kornwitz146
10Tim Churella131
11Eric Sulkala128
12Rich Sweetman124
13Albert Steg108
14Danny Lynch93
15John Leonard82
16Howard Rosenthal64
17Andrew Hoy50
18Al Theriault48
19Stephen Hassman45
20Steve Douglas36
21Ross Jett29
22Tom O'Riordan24
23David Bowen21
24Weston Stewart-Tennes15
25Alex Cohen13
26Gary Dodge12
27Joe Peck12
28Jim McKenna9
29Ed Ahola7
30Matt Bynorth7
31Desiree D'agostino7
32Frank DiMaggio5
33Phil Perelmuter5
34Harrison Romero5
35Eric Packer4
36Albert Cantito2
37Jason Haskell2
38Ed Rozmiarek2
39Bob Shepley2
40John Smidt2


1Ed Rozmiarek314
2Pam Keeney148
3Andrew Hoy136
4Bernie Harlow132
5Wanda Roberts111
6Steve Bohn86
7Eric Packer71
8Eric Bohn64
9Maurice B.42
10Gary Dodge42
11Nathan Berger41
12Sam Kurker32
13Peter Shewmaker29
14Allyson Kurker24
15Mary Lou Bohn22
16Rodrigo Montenegro7
17Don Weng7
18Barclay Douglas2
19Christina Founier2
20Tom Greaves2
21Caryn Mushlin2
22Tony Papandrea2
23Jim Weitzman2