The New England Backgammon Club is one of the older continuously operating public backgammon clubs in the country.  Founded in late 1975, the club has boasted some of the foremost backgammon theorists and competitors in the game, including Bill Robertie, Walter Trice, and Marty Storer. Each season the top 7 players in the Open points race compete in the championship playoffs, leading to a substantial best-of-5 series of 9-point matches in the finals. To win is a great achievement — to win repeatedly is phenomenal.

Current Club Champion Rich Sweetman

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1976Andrea Dedekam
1977Kermit Kimball
1978Bill Robertie
1979Bill Robertie
1980Sid Golub
1981Gary Garabedian
1982Bill Robertie
1983Mike Labins
1984Mike Nelson
1985Doug Roberts
1986Mike Nelson
1987Bill Robertie
1988Bill Robertie
1989Bill Robertie
1990Herb Gurland
1991Walter Trice
1992Evan Diamond
1993Jim Kasarjian
1994Herb Gurland
1995Alex Perry
1996Evan Diamond
1997Herb Gurland
1998Herb Gurland
1999Ed Ahola
2000Belle Pronman
2001Seth Towle
2002Nora Luna
2003Alex Zamanian
2004Herb Gurland
2005Walter Trice
2006Matt Reklaitis
2007Herb Gurland
2008Gil Evans
2009Alex Zamanian
2010Eric Wicklund
2011Herb Gurland
2012Eric Wicklund
2013Marty Storer
2014Howard Rosenthal
2015Albert Steg
2016Alex Zamanian
2017Marty Storer
2018Alex Zamanian
2019Marty Storer
2020Alex Zamanian
2021Alex Zamanian
2022Alex Zamanian
2023Rich Sweetman