Club Champion: Eric Wicklund

Finalist: Howard Rosenthal

Points Race

Tournament & Playoffs Results

It appears that this graphic reversed the second and fourth pairings in the opening round.


Congratulations to Eric Wicklund, for winning his second club championship in three years! Howard Rosenthal was the runner up, and Alex Zamanian and Herb Gurland were the semi-finalists. In the finals (best of 5 matches to 9 points format) which was played during the June tournament, Eric was down 2 matches to none, and then won three matches in a row to clinch the championship – this may seem almost impossible against a well regarded player like Howard, until you realize that Eric won the 2009-2010 championship by coming back against former club champion Matt Reklaitis, who also lead 2 matches to none!
Eric has proven that you can’t count a quality backgammon player out until the final toss of the dice, a good lesson for all to take to heart!

A field of 13 players competed in the June tournament. When the dust settled, Alex Zamanian stood victorious over Jim McKenna in the finals. Ryan McKinnon won the consolation round over Herb Gurland. All 15 players from the tourney and finals championship playoff earned 15 points towards the 2012-2013 points race.

Also, every player competing the June tournament will receive 15 points towards next year’s standings, which is a great way to start next year’s points race with an edge!


15 players competed in the may “Bonus” tournament, won by Eric Wicklund over Ryan McKinnon. While Eric usually finishes well, this was his first tournament win. In fact, Eric holds the distinction of winning the club championship (2009-2010 season) without ever winning a tourmnament! Slow and steady wins the race.


In a field of 17 players, Yan Friedman won his first NEBC event by prevailing over Howard Rosenthal in the finals of the main flight. Semifinalists were Joe LaRochelle and Greg Jukins, who made a welcome return to the club after a year’s absence.

Herb Gurland defeated Eric Wicklund to win the Consolation.


Howard Rosenthal won his second tournament of the year by defeating Alex Zamanian, the current club points leader, in the finals of the main flight.
Phyllis Seidel and Tom O’Riordan were the semi-finalists.

In the consolation flight, Herb Gurland defeated Phyllis Seidel.

There were 15 players this month.


David Cox played topnotch backgammon, defeating several tough opponents to land in the finals of the main flight, where he faced Herb Gurland, the reigning champion. Herb prevailed, but we haven’t seen the last of David. John Smidt and Alex Zamaninan were the semi-finalists.

In the consolation flight, newcomer Joshua King made a grand entrance by defeating former champ Eric Wicklund! Welcome – and well played!

The club was honored to welcome five new players last month! Johsua King, Steve Boggess, Brad Hinrichs, Deric LePard, and Joshua Newman. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!


When the starting field of 20 players narrowed to the last two, we found former club champions Alex Zamanian and Gil Evans battling in the finals. Alex came out on top, winning his first tournament of the year and taking the lead in the points race. Semifinalists were Linda Ayres and Eric Wicklund.

In the Consolation flight Mark Houser and Jerry Padova met in the finals, with Jerry emerging with the “W”.


In a repeat of last month, Herb Gurland and Howard Rosenthal battled in the Main flight finals, but this timeHoward Rosenthal came out on top, taking top honors in the December tournament. Semi-finalists were Mark Houser and Tom O’Riordan.

Alex Zamanian “three-peated” in the Consolation flight, prevailing over Marcus Hemansen in the finals to win the Consolation round for the 3rd consecutive time.

We had a full bracket of 16 players this month.



Herb Gurland , the reigning NEBC Champion, won his first tournament of this season by defeating Howard Rosenthal in the finals. Semi-finalists were Anne Bidner and Roger Rondeau, last month’s runner-up. In the Consolation flight, Alex Zamanian bested Eric Wicklund.

22 players turned out for this bonus event, including 3 newcomers Linda Ayres, Larry Lewis and Chris Marinov. Hope to see you all next time!


Gints Aldins prevailed over Roger Rondeau to win the finals of the Main flight. Semi-finalists were Howard Rosenthal and Herb Gurland, who were slotted into the Consolation round since the field of players consisted of only 15 players. In the Consolation flight, Alex Zamanian bested Howard Rosenthal.

A hearty welcome to newcomers Fred Beihold and Kate Gillis! Hope to see you again soon!

Gints learned of the club last year while competing for (and winning!) the coveted Connecticut State Backgammon Champion title in the 2010 Connecticut Open; in the finals of that event Gints beat veteran player and longtime New England Backgammon Club stalwart Jerry Padova.


Joe LaRochelle battled his way through a tough field of 18 competitors to take his first (but likely not his last!) NEBC tournament victory. His final victim in the tournament was Yan Friedman. Semi-finalists in were Alex Zamanian and Randi Schalet. Over in the consolation finals, it was Marcus Hermansen over Jim McKenna.