Club Champion: Marty Storer

Finalist: Alex Zamanian

Points Race


Tournament & Playoffs Results


Congratulations to Marty Storer, who toppled Alex Zamanian in the finals of the 2012-2013 playoff tournament for the club championship! Marty topped off a phenominal year, in which he only played in three tournmanets but won all three.

Semi-finalists in the playoffs were Howard Rosenthal and Tom O’Riordan. Also competing were Herb Gurland, Marcus Hermansen and Phyllis Seidel.

In the regular June tournament, Alex Zamanian won the 14 player June tournament when he beat Eric Wicklund in the final match. Matt Reklaitis prevailed over Chris Marinov in the consolation finals.


Marty Storer playing in his third tournament of the year, won his third tournament of the year when he vanquished Herb Gurland in the finals of the 19 player May bonus points tournament. The semifinalists were Dan Chicoine and Tom Kunysz. Alex Zamanian beat Ed Ahola in the consolation round finals.


18 players brought a mix of skill, nerve, and luck to bear at our April tournament. When the dice finally lay still, Marcus Hermansen emerged victorious, beating John Smidt in the finals of the Main flight. Semifinalists were Eric Wicklund and Howard Rosenthal. In the Consolation flight, Brad Hinrichs defeated Bobby Forkin.

Once again the lead for 1st place in the club standings flip-flopped between Alex and Howard, with Howard edging out Alex to retake the lead with one tournament to go. At the end of the season, the top 7 point earners will compete in a play off tournament, with the winner emerging NEBC Champion.

May’s tournament is a bonus tournamnent, with longer matches, bigger payouts, and extra points being awarded to the finalists in both the main and consolation flights, and to the semifinalists in the main flight. This means that many players remain in contention to make the play off’s – a few years back Gil Evans was in deep in the standings when he won the May tourney, and was catapulted to the top 7, and then went on to become club champ!

The next tournament is Saturday, May 11th, at high noon, at the Dockside!

‘Til then, may all your rolls be jokers…


24 players competed in our March tournament – the biggest turnout of the year! Marty Storer won the finals of the Main flight, beating Rob McKean. For Marty, it was his second tournament this year – and his second win! The semi-finalists were Linda MacLean and Lukas Gerber. Herb Gurland defeated Tom O’Riordan to win the Consolation flight.


The February tournament was postponed one day due to a formidible blizzard that knocked power out to hundreds of thousands New England residents. It was the 5th largest snowstorm in Boston history. 10 players dug thier way through the snow to participate in the tournament on Sunday, including newcomers Daniel Stroe, Mario Cimpan, and Dan Heck. A hearty NEBC welcome! We look forward to seeing you all again.

When the dice finally lay idle, Alex Zamanian had won the Main flight, prevailing over Howard Rosenthal. In the Consolation flight, Phyllis Seidel overcame Daniel Stroe.

Alex also captured from Howard the coveted top spot in the points race, edging Howard into 2nd place, but who knows for how long?


20 players competed in the first tournament of 2013, including newcomers Nicholas Coleman and Lukas Gerber.

Tom O’Riordan made the Main flight finals for the second month consecutively, notching a first place finish this time. Howard Rosenthal was second, preserving his perch atop the point race. Linda MacLean and Eric Wicklund were the semi-finalists. In the Consolation flight, Alex Zamanian defeated Tom Kunysz.


A solid field of 22 players competed in the December Tournament. Alex Zamanian returned to his winning form, beating Tom O’Riordan in the finals of the Main flight. Linda MacLean and Howard Rosenthal were the semi-finalists. Phyllis Seidel defeated Club Champion Eric Wicklund in the Consoloation flight.


21 contestants competed in the November Bonus Tournament, with Marty Storer prevailing over Linda MacLean in the finals of the main flight. Chris Marinov and Dan Chicoine were the semi-finalists. Greg Jukins won the consolation finals, over Roger Rondeau.

Marty’s bonus tournament victory catapults him to 1st place in the standings, while Chris’ second inmpressive showing in a row (he won the consolation finals last month) lands him in second place.

Marty preaches what he practices: his recently published book “What’s Your Game Plan?” co-authored with Mary Hickey, is essential reading for serious backgammon players, and comes highly recommended!


A strong field of 23 players turned out for our October tournament, won by Marcus Hermansen over Howard Rosenthal in a nail-biting final. Semifnalists were Linda MacLean and Roger Rondeau. In the consolation flight, Chris Marinov defeated David Cox.

Welcome to new player Jacqui D’Amato, and welcome back to Linda MacLean after a long asbsence from the club!


The 2012-2013 season started off with a 13 player September tournament. When the dust began to settle, it was long-time members Ed Ahola and Herb Gurland duking it out in the finals. If you couldn’t tell from the bold-face font, Ed emerged victorious. Over in the finals of the consolation round, Yan Friedman topped Howard Rosenthal.