Club Champion: Howard Rosenthal

Finalist: Tony Wuersch

Points Race

1Herb Gurland427
2Alex Zamanian387
3Eric Wicklund363
4Tony Wuersch291
5Steve Cummings242
6Howard Rosenthal233
7Roger Rondeau200
8Tom O'Riordan194
9Yan Friedman191
10Tom Kunysz166
11Eric Sulkala149
12Dan Stroe141
13Marty Storer136
14Marcus Hermansen124
15Albert Steg113
16David Cox98
17Greg Jukins92
18Anne Bidner81
19Phyllis Seidel76
20John Smidt72
21Steve Boggess49
22Jim McKenna44
23Randi Schalet38
24Matt Reklaitis35
25Dan Chicoine33
26Chris Marinov33
27Rich Gill31
28Brad Hinrichs23
29Nora Luna Righter20
30Stan Rocha18
31Duncan Noyes18
32Jesse Berkowitz16
33Shahin Sadeghzadeh15
34Ed Ahola11
35Adam Rosen 9
36Conal Foley9
37Frank DiMaggio9
38Patrice Robertie7
39Paul McQuaid7
40Noah Cefalo7
41Leslie Hartwell4
42Brent Ferrantelli2
43Arkady Kuperman2
44Bill Robertie2
45Ted Shattuck2
46Mike Coleman2
47Dave Huot2
48Matt Bradywood2
49Bill Barrows2
50Nick Salatino2

Tournament & Playoffs Results


We had 18 players for our season ending event- 16 for the tournament and 2 for the playoff finals.

Dan Chicoine defeated Alex Zamanian to win the Main; semifinalists were Albert Steg and John Clayton. John is one of two new players at the Club- the other is Richard Sheback. Herb Gurland won the Consolation over Tom O’Riordan.

In the playoffs Howard Rosenthal defeated Tony Wuersch to become the new Club champion. Congratulations to Howard!

The Club is on summer break until the new season starts in early September.


An enthusiastic crowd of 22 players gathered for the Club’s Bonus Event, with 3 new combatants- Frank DiMaggio, Duncan Noyes and Nick Salatino. Herb Gurland defeated Tony Wuersch to win the Main, thereby finishing first in the Points Race. The semifinalists were Steve Cummings and Albert Steg. The finals of the Consolation featured the premium matchup of Alex Zamanian vs. Marty Storer, with Marty prevailing.

The playoffs are set with these 7 players qualifying: Herb, Alex, Eric Wicklund, Tony, Steve, Howard Rosenthal and Roger Rondeau. Early rounds will be played over the next few weeks and the finals will likely take place at the June tournament. Let the games begin!


The Club had 16 entrants. Roger Rondeau defeated Eric Sulkala in the finals of the Main; semifinalists were Tom O’Riordan and Steve Cummings. Eric Wicklund beat Herb Gurland to win the Consolation.

Eric Wicklund moved into 1st place in the points race. A few notches down only 6 points separate the players from 5th to 8th place, with only the big May tourney left before the 7 playoff spots are determined.


We had a strong showing of 21 players. Herb Gurland defeated Eric Wicklund in the finals of the Main; semifinalists were Tom Kunysz and Tony Wuersch. Albert Steg beat Alex Zamanian to take the Consolation.

The Club welcomed one new player, Matt Bradywood, and welcomed back Bill Barrows who returned after a long absence.

Alex retained a slim lead over Eric in the points race.


We had a good crowd of 20 players. Greg Jukins made the trip from Maine and was rewarded with a first place finish in the Main. Tom Kunysz took second place, and Alex Zamanian and Herb Gurland were the semifinalists. Eric Wicklund defeated Howard Rosenthal to win the Consolation.

The Club welcomed 3 new players- Noah Cefalo, Rich Gill and Jesse Berkowitz. And we welcomed back long lost returnee Adam Rosen.

Alex retained his lead in the points race over Eric and Howard.


We had 16 players to start 2014. Alex Zamanian defeated John Smidt in the finals of the Main; semifinalists were Marty Storer and Yan Friedman. Steve Cummings beat Herb Gurland to take the Consolation.


A small but enthusiastic group of 14 players showed up to compete in the December tournament. Welcome to new member Dave Huot. And welcome back Nora Luna Righter, nice to see you again! Former Club Champion Eric Wicklund emerged victorious in the finals against Steve Cummings. Roger Rondeau took the Consolation over Howard Rosenthal.


We had 20 participants for our Bonus event, featuring double points for players reaching the semifinals of the Main or finals of the Consolation. The Club welcomed new player Mike Coleman and welcomed back long lost returnee Nora Luna Righter. When the smoke cleared Tony Wuersch emerged as the winner over Howard Rosenthal, with Anne Bidner and Steve Cummings in the semis. The Consolation victor was Yan Friedman, with Daniel Stroe in second.

Tony’s big win propelled him into first place in the standings at the one third mark of the season.


We had 19 contestants for our second tournament of the season, with Tom O’Riordan prevailing over Daniel Stroe in the finals of the Main. The semi-finalists were Tom Kunysz and Eric Wicklund. Alex Zamanian defeated Herb Gurland in the Consolation finals. Alex took over the points lead by winning his second straight Consolation title.


A good mix of 22 new and familar faces competed in the first tournament of the 2013-2014 NEBC Season. Welcome to all the new players and the old.

And congrats to Marcus Hermansen who defeated Eric Sulkala in the finals of the main round. Semi finalists were Dave Cox and Yan Friedman. In the finals of the consolation round, it was Alex Zamanian over Howard Rosenthal.