Club Champion: Gil Evans

Finalist: Jerry Padova

Points Race

1    Walter Trice    412
2    Herb Gurland    347
3    Greg Jukins    289
4    Jerry Padova    223
5    Roger Rondeau    156
6    John Leonard    144
7    Phyllis Seidel    138
8    Tom Meyer    115
9    George Saba    115
10    Dave Metz    96
11    Eric Wicklund    90
12    Marcus Hermansen 75
13    Albert Cantito    72
14    Gil Evans    71
15    Jim Gebhardt    54
16    Mark Houser    41
17    John Smidt    41
18    Tim Galleghar    36
19    Ed Murray    34
20    Dan Chicoine    30
21    Joe Moore    30
22    Anne Bidner    29
23    Phil Hodson    23
24    Tom O'Riordan    23
25    Tim Ostis    20
26    Alex Zamanian    16
27    Howard Rosenthal 14
28    Jim McKenna    11
29    Gerhard Roland    11
30    Albert Steg    11
31    Richard Gilman    9
32    Nora Luna Righter 6
33    Ed Ahola    2
34    Jamie Evans    2
35    Shane Mueller    2
36    Matt Reklaitis    2
37    Marty Storer    2

Tournament & Playoffs Results


Gil Evans is Club Champion for 2007-2008!
And what were the odds of that in April, I wonder, when Gil was in 14th place in the Points Race? But he won the heavily weighted May Bonus Tournament to move up to 5th, taking his place among the top seven and qualifying for the Championship Playoffs in June. In the first playoff round Gil defeated Jerry Padova,  while Roger Rondeau beat Greg Jukins and Herb Gurland knocked out John Leonard. In Round 2 Evans defeated Walter Trice (who had a 1st-round bye as regular-season points leader) and Gurland beat Rondeau. In the finals Gil won three straight 9 point matches to take the best-3-of-5 set. Congratulations to the new Champion!


Rondeau Wins April
Roger Rondeau won our April Monthly Tournament, defeating Phyllis Seidel in the finals. Semi-finalists were John Leonard and Joe Moore. In the Consolation flight, Dave Metz took first place, Walter Trice second.
18 players
1 Roger Rondeau
2 Phyllis Seidel
SF John Leonard
SF Joe Moore
1C Dave Metz
2C Walter Trice


Jukins Wins!
Greg Jukins won our March Monthly, adding to an already very impressive debut season (Consolation wins in November and January, Main 2nd Place in February.) The March win moves him into 3rd in the points race behind Walter Trice and Herb Gurland, within 100 points of the lead.
George Saba took 2nd place, with Al Cantito and Walter Trice semi-finalists. In the Consolation Herb Gurland won over Roger Rondeau.
19 players
1 Greg Jukins
2 George Saba
SF Al Cantito
SF Walter Trice
1C Herb Gurland
2C Roger Rondeau


Herb Gurland was the Number One Superstar in the NEBC’s December Monthly Tournament, beating up Jerry Padova in the finals. As a result Herb moves into 2nd in the Points Race while Jerry just edges John Leonard for the 3rd slot by one point. Walter Trice (hey, that’s me!) failed to win his third tournament in a row but did manage a semi-finals finish, clinging to his points race lead. The other Semi-finalist was George Saba. In the Consolation flight John Leonard took 1st over Tim Gallagher.
16 players
1 Herb Gurland
2 Jerry Padova
SF Walter Trice
SF George Saba
1C John Leonard
2C Tim Gallagher


In the NEBC’s November Bonus Tournament Walter Trice (hey, that’s me!) won his second tournament in a row, edging out Tom Meyer in a hard-fought finals match. Newcomer Greg Jukins took 1st in the Consolation flight, garnering enough points to shoot up to 2nd place in the annual Points Race for the yearly championship. 16 players braved the wind and the rain to compete in our first Saturday tournament ever, including the long-lost Albert Steg. Welcome back, Albert!
1 Walter Trice
2 Tom Meyer
SF Jim Gebhardt
SF Jerry Padova
1C Greg Jukins
2C Marcus Hermansen


At our season inaugural tournament of September 30, it was good to see some fresh faces as well as a couple of long-lost returnees. The club welcomes Eric Wicklund, Richard Gilman, and Tim Ostis. Phyllis Seidel was playing in her first NEBC tournament in about 20 years, returning to the area after a lengthy expatriation in Paris. John Leonard, a regular at the Peterborough Granite State club in the early 90’s as well as a formerly active NEBCer, came back to almost win the tournament, though ultimately getting out-jokered in his finals match against Walter Trice.
1 – Walter Trice
2 – John Leonard
SF – Dan Chicoine
SF – Eric Wicklund
1C – Herb Gurland
2C – Gil Evans