NEBC Gets a New Logo – and a New Website

It’s been a busy summer in the NEBC off-season. With attendance on the rise in recent years and more people making inquiries through our modest NEBC website, we decided to enhance our club identity through two measures. First, we held a “LogoTournament” on the popular branding site in order to get a professional-grade emblem we can use to adorn various club materials. (NEBC had a logo long ago, but it never made the leap to the digital age.)  We hope you’ll be happy with the result. The type face and subtle deployment of iconic backgammon points suggest a New England woodcut print. The anchor symbol similarly nods to both the familiar backgammon concept and our maritime Boston setting (while also reminding us of the NEBC print newsletter that ran in the 90’s).

It was felt, too, that a more engaging website would be helpful both in attracting newcomers who find us via google and in encouraging our current club members to get more deeply involved in backgammon. The “Resources” section aims to steer members selectively toward the most immediately useful books, sites, and software out there. The “Club Champions” page appropriately honors the current champion and celebrates the deep history of our club.  And the “Tournaments” section provides everything a newcomer or veteran needs to know about NEBC events in one convenient place. Albert Steg did the writing and web design in WordPress with input from the other organizers, and with the technical help of Matt Reklaitis (No Matt, no website).

And there will be more to come! If you have suggestions or comments, please send them to

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