A Trophy Cube for our Champions

As one of the longest-running backgammon clubs in the country, the New England Backgammon Club has decided our Club Champions deserve a trophy! Custom-made by Sonné for Backgammon Elegance (the makers of the USBGF Founders cubes), our 1.5″ cube features the center-section of our new NEBC logo, a personalized face with name and year of achievement, and the numerals 2, 4, 8, 16 on the remaining faces. Past champions have been offered an opportunity to purchase a cube at a special club-subsidized price. The trophy recognizes the dedication and skill required to reach the 7-player championships at the end of each season, and we hope it will inspire all of our players to work at their games and to attend our tournaments regularly.  A listing of all NEBC Club Champions from 1976 to date can be viewed on our winner’s board.

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